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About Us

Emadi Stone is an Iranian international company in the natural stone production which was found in 1959.

Up-to-date knowledge, cutting edge machinery and professional staff have guided Emadi Stone to turn the raw stone from the mother Earth into the magnificent product which makes every place passionate and sensational.

From the smallest job to the most ambitious and bold projects, Emadi stone produces a vast range of stones with the highest quality, accuracy and precision in processing, packaging and delivery to satisfy the technical, aesthetic and economical expectations of every customer who relies on our experience.



Nature has bestowed its essence upon us so we admire and adore by turning it into a precious piece of art.

Exoticism bursts onto kitchens

Pietra Grey is the most famous and unique Iranian stone in the world. The alternation between very fine white streaks and barely perceptible linear slate-colored glazes provide animation and elegance.


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Contact us

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  • Address

    50TH St., Mahmoud Abad industrial zone, Isfahan, Iran

  • Telephone

    +98 31 33808585